Filmpark Babelsberg

action on historical grounds


The „Filmpark Babelsberg“ presents daily live shows, a guided tour through the media manufacture, a visit of the original GZSZ shooting set, adventure cinema and hints of the movie producers on historical grounds..

> Filmpark Babelsberg

in 90 minutes from palace to palace on the water


Enjoy unforgettable exciting views! The river boats of the „Weisse Flotte" offer special castle tours to have a look at the parks and castles of the Hohenzollern dynasty. In only 90 minutes you pass the most beautiful places situated directly at the banks of the river and lakes. Enjoy the unforgettable experience of a boat trip through the unique cultural landscape of Potsdam. We cordially welcome you!

> Weisse Flotte Potsdam

Palace tour
Palace visit

Visit the Prussian royal palaces!


For many centuries, Prussian kings found inspiration in Italy for the development of Potsdam, their principal residence. Frederick the Great and Frederick William IV were particularly passionate and knowledgeable about Italian art & architecture. In the 18th/19th centuries, they created a refined “Prussian Arcadia”. They built an impressive cultural landscape.

> Prussian Palaces & Gardens Foundation

Short break in Potsdam


Three days of top highlights. Discover our cultural heritage and have a look behind the curtains of movie producers with the Potsdam Intensiv voucher. All situated around the lovingly restored City Palace in the heart of the city of Potsdam. You’ll be given your voucher after checking in to one of our partner hotels. You can decide how to spend your short break.  

Book this city break in a hotel of your choice.
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palace tour

1 Potsdam Main Station
2 Flatowturm
3 Hofdamenhaus
4 Schloss Babelsberg
5 Schloss Glienicke
6 Schloss Sacrow
7 Pfaueninsel
8 Schloss Cecilienhof
9 Marmorpalais


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